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Currently, one motto is pending!!!

New Update (βeta 1.0.1)

Description: After a long waited update! We are currently working on our regular site (Which will be nicer!). There are more updates coming... What's New:

  • Updated "Features" Tab
  • Fixed Links Not Working At Bottom Header
  • Fixed Second Scroll Bar; Select Devices
  • Added "Login" Button (Not Working; Disabled)


Current & Upcoming features, in this section!
Privacy Information
How do we keep your data and privacy safe?

Let's start with how important your privacy is! Your privacy to my team is like your freedom (Since that's what it is). We protect that with all our heart because, how would we like if you disclosed our information to the Governement, if you were the developers? We wouldn't take it well! Keep in mind if any law angencies come along to ask for info and they have the badge and permission to ask me, I have the full-right to deny permission to our database! My team owns it not them... BTW, go to a different company if your looking for the person, not my staff or me. I have nothing to deal with them and I don't want nothing to deal with them!

Anywayyy, I continued to find multiple places I could store data, and I found one I liked but, it's only for the Public-Chat... And that data is looked at by ME, and ME ONLY. The chat is NOT going to be disclosed to anyone besides, (moderators, admins, and the current boss, ME) The staff are just voluntary and help when they can on coding! Our staff's personal info is disclosed and also kept in a safe place.

By 2019 we will have accomplished:
  • Online Security (IMPROVED)
  • Documents Page
  • Unlimited Posts (So far; Limited Amount Of Posts (Max: 9)
  • Lower risks of "Over Quota" in the Public-Chat
  • More Admin Commands in Admin Console (Pin Messages, Delete Old Chats, Add Moderators/Admins, Supervise Updates, Release Updates Through App, Much More...)
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